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Of the nearly 7.5 billion people alive today, over two billion have never heard of Jesus.  That reality compels us to engage these least-reached areas of the world, supporting efforts to establish local churches that can proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom to their communities and beyond.  We long to see all people, from every distinct group on earth, encounter the grace of God and become thriving expressions of the body of Christ in their unique contexts.

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We believe God gives His Church the role of building bridges between the message of the Gospel and those who haven’t had an opportunity to hear it.  It’s not a calling reserved for “specialists” – it’s an invitation to ordinary people entrusted with the most extraordinary message.  That’s why we’re committed to uplifting the faithfulness and unity of congregations worldwide to serve as well springs of mission initiative.

Fiaz Masih, Zeenat Naz,

Jennifer Fiaz, Abraham Joshua, Jessica Fiaz

     I started my collage education and also my Biblical education.   I began sharing my testimony with others and His Word.  First I started His work on foot and than He gave me a bicycle.  Now I have a motor bike.  In 2009, He give me a vision for a Bible school. I gave a name of this school Cordial Bible school.  At first, thirty students joined us in this school but by the Grace of God we have expanded to multiple cities and villages and have taught about one thousand students.  I also start doing evangelism in different villages with the help of a projector.  Many people have come to know Jesus and accepted Him as their personal Savior.
     I married on 16-10-2009 with my best friend Zeenat Naz.  She was in medical collage.  In 2010, God give us the beautiful gift of our first daughter, Jennifer.  During these years Zeenat was really working hard in her medical studies.  In 2012 we started our free medical mission.  In this mission we are going to villages that have no medical facility available.  In 2013, Faith Theological Seminaries give me my doctorate degree in Ministry.  In 2013 we also started our other mission which includes free Bible distribution, a sewing school and am education school for women. 
     Now we have a mission center in Gujranwala.  There we have our sewing school.  This is for girls who work as house slaves in Muslims houses.  Many times in Pakistan house slave girls are sexually and physically abused.  Our sewing school helps these girls escape the abuse.  By the Grace of God, 40 girls have joined us.  Many gave graduated.  We also have a sewing school in Sadokay.  There Pastor Malik and his wife, Ghazala Rubi serve.  In our mission center we also have a medical clinic and women adult education center. 
     We have been donated some land.  Our target is to built a free school for children.  We are needing materials to start building. 
      This is my request to all brothers and sisters, please keep us and our ministry in your prayers.

​Fiaz Anwar

First Presbyterian Church ~ PCUSA, 1319 Junction Ave, Sturgis SD 57785 --605-347-2395

   In 2002 I joined the Pakistan Army and in 2005 I was falsely accused of murder.  I was arrested and sent to an Army jail.  There a man gave me a Bible as a gift.  I started to read the Bible and my faith grew in Jesus.  Many times Muslim men said to me that if I accepted Islam and I would be released and save from the case, but I denied them.  In my cell I accepted Jesus as my savior and stayed in prayer and Bible study.  One night there I saw a big light heard a voice say “you will save and do my work.”  I glorified His name.  After five months jail I was released.  That was June 2005.  I was baptized and started working for the Lord Jesus Christ. 


     We support Pastor Fiaz Anwar with our missions and thought that you might like to know more about him.  The article below was copied from  http://ascentministries.org/missionaries/fiaz-anwar/.  Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

     I am Ev. Dr. Fiaz Anwar.  I was born on 01-11-1984 in Gujranwala Pakistan.  I was born to a very poor family, but I was a bright student in my Sunday school class.  I have three sisters and one brother.  I got my high school education in a government school in Attawa village.